2019 Nonprofit Essentials Conference

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Your nonprofit works hard – providing services, working in communities, raising funds, coordinating volunteers, and managing finances and daily operations.

Hosted by MCN and the Center for Nonprofit Management at the University of St. Thomas, the Nonprofit Essentials Conference provides a back-to-basics overview of the many management topics essential to nonprofits, and re-focuses staff on the core elements of working and managing nonprofit organizations. This day-long conference will provide you with training to help your organization work smarter!

At this conference, you will find valuable information through an insightful keynote presentation, 20 skill-building breakout sessions and opportunities to build networks with your peers.

You will learn practical tools and information about: fundraising, communications, finance, HR, programs, management, leadership, governance, and more!

Opening Plenary

Go With The Flow: How Change Actually Happens
Steph Jacobs, founder, Trailblazer Leadership

You likely came to the nonprofit sector because you want to make a difference. Whether you are switching sectors or starting your first job out of college, you are interested in working with or for nonprofit organizations because you see them as places that can foster change. The challenge for leaders at all levels in organizations is to move from a mindset of "making change" to one in which you are creating the conditions in which people and programs can thrive. In this keynote address, Steph Jacobs will share insights and research on what it takes to move with change as an approach to having a long term, sustainable impact in the nonprofit world.

Adventure. Intuition. Compassion. Connection. Justice. These are the values that guide Steph Jacobs. She strives to use them when making decisions in her everyday life and in the vision for her future. Whether it's hiking a mountain trail or sitting at the table in a boardroom, these values are core to who she is and how she intends to live in the world.

Steph is the founder of Trailblazer Leadership, a professional coaching and consulting firm that works with people and organizations who are interested in a different way of being. She is a graduate of St. Olaf College and has a master’s degree from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. She also works at the Humphrey School, where she created and facilitates several leadership development programs on equity and inclusion, systems change, and fundamental leadership capacities for people working in state and local government and in nonprofit organizations. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in leadership and nonprofit management and governance.

Steph brings her knowledge and expertise in organizational development, emotional intelligence, change management, governance, and living systems to support the leaders she works with. She is a certified professional coach through iPEC, and she also serves on the board of directors for Twin Cities Catalyst Music and the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota.

2019 Nonprofit Essentials Conference

August 15, 2019
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
University of St. Thomas
1000 LaSalle Ave., Minneapolis

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