2019 Virtual Conference for Small Development Shops

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The 2019 Virtual Conference for Small Development Shops is is co-hosted by the MInnesota Council of Nonprofits, North Dakota Association of Nonprofit OrganizationsNorth Carolina Center for Nonprofits, Together SC, and Washington Nonprofits.

It features 14 sessions by national experts on small shop fundraising strategies, managing donor relationships, online fundraising, raising major gifts and more. It's designed just for you!

Wednesday, October 2 – All times listed in Central Time (CT).  See the schedule at a glance for all timezones.


11 AM CT: Facilitated chat sessions (choose from two options)

Donor databases or Special events: Come to share your own experiences, and learn from others, too.

12 PM CT: Keynote

The six superpowers of small shop fundraisers
Experienced small shop fundraiser Sarah Brooks considers it an honor to raise money for the causes she cares about, and she takes real joy in inspiring others to realize they too can change the world through smart and authentic fundraising. As the associate director of the Methow Conservancy in rural North Central Washington State, Sarah knows firsthand the work of a small shop fundraiser feels overwhelming at times...but she's also discovered at least six superpowers that fundraisers in bigger organizations would LOVE to have!  In her talk, Sarah will help you see fundraising in a whole new light as she reveals what these superpowers are and how to unleash them – even if it means breaking some fundraising rules! You'll leave her session energized, excited, and ready to start implementing new ideas for showing your organization's impact.


1 PM CT: Breakout sessions (choose from two options) 

What’s your next move? Growing major gifts through moves management 
Your organization probably has a healthy list of current and past donors. But what do you really know about each of them?  Do you know how and how often they want you to communicate with them?  What would it take to motivate them to support your mission with a bigger gift each year?  What’s the very next move you need to take to grow them into one of your organization’s major donors? In this session, Vinney Arora will show you how analyzing your donor list, identifying a key set of prospective major donors, and then planning your next move with each of them will help your organization establish healthy relationships with them and successfully encourage them to renew their contributions so that someday they count among your nonprofit’s growing list of major donors.


Framing impact as the case for support


2 PM CT: Breakout sessions (choose from two options) 

Leveraging giving days for donor acquisition
Since its start in 2012, GivingTuesday has seen huge growth as a national giving day, totaling nearly $400 million donations in 2018 alone. What makes it work is the focus on social giving. Existing donors use social media to encourage friends and family to give. While giving days can be an effective way to gain new donors, creating incentives for existing supporters to leverage their connections is the key to gaining access to them. Join Steve Boland of Next in Nonprofits to look at ways your small development shop can create new connections on GivingTuesday and other giving days. You’ll also explore how to segment communications with giving day donors and gain insights about which donors may only be in for the day, and who may be ready to stick around.


Making your cause real: Storytelling for action
Even more than shocking statistics, a story can spur someone to help because it makes the cause more real. In this training session, Jim Shapiro of The Better Fundraising Co. will help you inspire your donors to take action, forge lasting relationships with them, and strengthen their ability to become better advocates of your mission and thus help your organization raise more money. You will come away from this session with new ways of telling better stories utilizing diverse communication channels.


3 PM CT: Breakout sessions (choose from two options) 

Building relationships for fundraising success
Building relationships with donors is the key to fundraising success. Donors want to feel like they are a part of your team. And when they do, they are inclined to give again and again. By building relationships with your donors, you’ll turn them into your nonprofit’s friends for life. In this session, you will learn the best ways to build relationships with your donors from Sabrina Walker Hernandez, an experienced small development shop CEO. She will share relationship-building lessons learned from her successes including raising $2.5 million in operating revenue annually, successfully completing a $12 million capital campaign during the last recession, and leading the establishment of an endowment. Sabrina will provide practical examples and ideas on how to build relationships with your donors that you can implement at your organization immediately.


Bright Spots maps: Uncovering what's working in your organization’s fundraising and sharing the work
So much in nonprofit fundraising is not working...in the structure, beliefs and practices of development. In this session, Steve Lew of CompassPoint will share a simple analysis and planning exercise to identify what parts of your fundraising plan, structure and process are working and how to adapt and grow based on those “bright spots.” Fundraising Bright Spots is internal change work that many groups are adopting to further the goal of distributed leadership as well as try on new fundraising practices that support equity and closer alignment with organizational values. You’ll learn how to visualize the current landscape of fundraising activities and people in your organization and spark both practical changes and transformational shifts in fundraising. 

4 PM CT: Facilitated chat sessions (choose from two options)

Small shop realities or Giving days: Come to share your own experiences, and learn from others, too.

Thursday, October 3 – All times listed in Central Time. See the schedule at a glance for all timezones.


11 AM CT: Facilitated chat sessions (choose from two options)

Social media for fundraising or Growing major donors: Come to share your own experiences, and learn from others, too.


12 PM CT: Keynote

Take off your cape, superhero!
Over the course of her career, Kishshana Palmer, a national speaker, trainer, and coach with a 17 years of experience in fundraising, marketing, and talent management, grew tired of jumping tall buildings, putting out fires and saving the day…all before lunch! Kishshana will share with you her "go to" strategies to do amazing work, ask for help, set boundaries and more. In addition to her consulting work, Kishshana is also an adjunct professor at Baruch College and Long Island University, Certified Fundraising Executive, BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer, and an AFP Master Trainer. When an organization wants to grow, find and retain people on their team, raise money, and more, she is the philanthropic fairy godmother they have on speed dial. Her work isn’t limited to organizations, she coaches social good professionals, too.


1 PM CT: Breakout sessions (choose from two options) 

Six critical tools you need to lead a successful capital campaign
If there is a capital campaign in your future, this session is for you! A capital campaign is likely the largest amount your organization has ever tried to raise… often even 10 times more than you currently raise. Don’t leave the success of your campaign up to chance.  Join Amy Eisenstein to learn how to prepare for a campaign and create a campaign plan to ensure your campaign is a success. You will leave the workshop with six tools, including the components of a campaign plan as well as a step-by-step guide for your campaign.


The house of philanthropy: Creating a framework for cross-cultural giving
Every day, the world of philanthropy gets more culturally complex. As the sector continues to evolve, we must be aware of commonalities and differences in how cultures relate to philanthropic giving, and how that impacts fundraising strategy. In this session, Alice Ferris will share the rich vocabulary, varied currency, donor motivations and key relationships in our many philanthropic communities and talk about ways to develop techniques to nuance your fundraising programs.


2 PM CT: Breakout sessions (choose from two options) 

Designing for donations: How can your website improve?
You work hard for every donation you earn. Is your website working as hard as it can to support your efforts? Chances are there are low or no-cost opportunities to improve it. Using design best practices and cutting-edge research, Cary Walski, a seasoned creator of online experiences that move audiences to action on the web, will conduct a live dissection of three nonprofit websites to illustrate what they're doing right, and what they could do better.


Building a culture of philanthropy
What does it mean to build a culture of philanthropy? Philanthropy means “love of human,” and while fundraising is one expression of it, it’s not the only one. The very work our board, staff, and volunteers do is another. So how do we encourage them to see that they too are an important part of building the organization’s culture of philanthropy? Doing so requires much more than turning them into fundraisers. It involves recognizing the strengths each one brings to the organization and exploring how all can work together to more effectively develop new relationships and find new resources. In this session, Kari Aanested and Mallory Mitchell will share a five-step process that evaluates your organization’s culture of philanthropy, identifies the barriers to creating it, outlines the opportunities that having one could create, and ends with an action plan with goals, strategies, accountability measures and celebration. You’ll leave the session with an organizational self-assessment and other tools so that you can embark on this transformative process right away.


3 PM CT: Breakout sessions (choose from two options) 

Hop aboard the crowdfunding bandwagon
Crowdfunding has become a popular and innovative fundraising strategy to raise more money from new and existing donors within a short period of time. Is crowdfunding right for your organization? In this session, Ruth Peebles, president of The INS Group, will share key strategies for running a successful crowdfunding campaign for your organization. By using a crowdfunding platform, your nonprofit has the opportunity to tell your story to a broader audience and seek donations from individual donors. This session will also define peer-to-peer fundraising to enlist the help of loyal supporters to fundraise on behalf of the nonprofit. Weigh the costs and benefits to determine if these strategies are effective methods to engage past and potential donors for your organization.   

Raising serious planned gifts without breaking the bank
You aren’t alone…raising planned gifts is daunting for most small shop fundraisers. During this session, charitable gift planner, educator and coach Dana Holt will share how to start raising big gifts right away with little or no additional investment. It’s all about working smarter – not harder – by raising money from donors’ wealth…not just their cash. Did you know that less than 10% of America’s wealth is held in cash? The other 90% is held in assets like real estate, life insurance and retirement accounts. Even though that’s where the real money is, nonprofits still “chase the checkbook” for donations. You’ll learn the top 3 asset types to focus on in your planned giving efforts, exactly how to communicate with your audiences about planned gifts, and the enormous untapped opportunity that lies ahead when it comes to planned giving.

4 AM CT: Facilitated chat sessions (choose from two options)

What we learned or Building a culture of philanthropy: Come to share your own experiences, and learn from others, too.

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