LanguageLine Solutions

The world is changing – fast. One in five North American households speaks a language other than English at home. More than 300 languages are spoken across the continent.

Your nonprofit may be facing daily challenges from a language access standpoint. LanguageLine Solutions can help you communicate with your customers and patients in virtually any language, at any time. LanguageLine Solutions offers the ability to seamlessly connect with the world’s finest professional interpreters in nearly any language, 24/7 in more than 240 languages on-demand.

Nonprofit members of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits are eligible for special discounted pricing on: 

  • Over-the-Phone interpretation services to clients at $1.25 per minute, flat rate, all languages (compared with a standard rate of $1.75 per minute)
  • Video Remote Interpretation at $1.75 per minute for all spoken languages at $1.75 per minute (compared with a standard rate of $1.85 per minute)
  • Video Remote Interpretation at $1.85 per minute for American Sign Language (ASL) and all other languages at $1.70 per minute (compared with a standard rate of $2.95 per minute)

20,000+ LanguageLine certified interpreters are ready to support your organization, 24/7

LanguageLine Solutions offers unique value, including:

  • Over-the-Phone Interpreting: With just one touch, your organization can connect to expert audio interpreters in 240+ languages, using traditional telephonic and digital access methods.
  • Video Interpreting: Access interpreters in 40+ top languages, including American Sign Language (ASL) and British Sign Language (BSL), with the benefit of visual cues and facial expressions.
  • LanguageLine® App: Empower your frontline staff to bridge language barriers by connecting to interpreters from most digital devices in seconds.
  • TeamLink®: Route LanguageLine App calls to your staff interpreters first. When they are unavailable, calls roll over to LanguageLine.
  • Custom Inbound Call Solutions: Streamline inbound calls to provide a total in-language
    experience when community members call you.
  • Telehealth and Virtual Meetings: Add interpreters to your telehealth sessions or virtual meetings anytime.
  • No set up fees or monthly minimums: LanguageLine Solutions is a purely pay-as-you-go service
  • Comprehensive reporting

Our Partner Program is designed to provide interpretation and translation for any organization to communicate with a diverse audience.

For more information or to start accessing LanguageLine Solutions services at an MCN member discount, please contact:

Greg Marshall
Director, Partners and Alliances
LanguageLine SolutionsOffice: 831-648-7452
Cell: 831-241-8199

Accessing an Interpreter Over the Phone

Using Video Access for an Interpreter