Other Career Resources

Nonprofits are a large and significant part of Minnesota’s economy, serving as 16 percent of the overall workforce. Along with many allies, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits strives to work towards growing our sector, making it the most competitive, equitable, and vital nonprofit community in in the nation. 

Nonprofit jobs give employees the freedom and opportunity to:

  1. Break new ground every day. Often nonprofit employees are developing and implementing new programs and enhanced procedures to make the organization run more effectively and efficiently.
  2. Learn something new every week. In many nonprofit organizations, there are many jobs to do and not enough people to do them. As a result, nonprofit employees find themselves learning new skills like copy writing, desktop publishing, policy advocacy, event planning, and accounting management to fill gaps in the organization.

The following online resources and organizations provide updated job postings in communities throughout Minnesota. Internal job boards have become increasingly popular, especially among larger nonprofits with many positions to fill.

2022 Minnesota Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey

Available in both a print version and as an online tool, the 2022 Minnesota Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Survey provides reliable research to help you comply with IRS regulations and maintain fair and competitive compensation practices. Published every two years since 1999, this resources gives a page-by-page review of the top 77 jobs in nonprofit organizations, with results reported in six budget categories, seven geographic regions, and 12 activity areas so you can compare your organization’s compensation to similar organizations.

2022 Minnesota Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey cover image