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Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence

Expertly researched and regularly updated, this resource features 11 accountability principles and 192 management practices providing specific guidelines for individual organizations to evaluate and improve their operations, governance, human resources, advocacy, financial management, and fundraising.

A collage of several publications from the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

MCN Publications

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits regularly develops and updates indispensable directories, reports, and handbooks to help nonprofits achieve their missions more efficiently and effectively.

From our Minnesota Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey and Minnesota Grants Directory to our Minnesota Nonprofit Legal Handbook and Handbook for Starting a Successful Nonprofit, MCN has the detail-rich resources you need to strengthen your organization and support your team.

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Starting a Nonprofit

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GrantAdvisor is a web service that facilitates open dialogue between nonprofits and grantmakers by collecting authentic, real-time reviews and comments on grantseekers’ experiences working with funders to encourage more productive philanthropy. If you’re going on a trip, you check TripAdvisor; if you’re going to apply for a grant, you check GrantAdvisor!

Sector Research

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits regularly conducts and publishes research important to understanding and demonstrating the nonprofit sector’s critical impact on the state of Minnesota, its economy, and most importantly, its communities.

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