Foundation Membership

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Like many nonprofits, the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) has received generous grant support from a variety of grantmaking organizations throughout its 35+ year existence. Foundations play a key role in the sustainability and broad reach of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN). 

Due to the generosity of our philanthropy partners who provide vital unrestricted support, MCN has been able to:

  • advocate¬†on behalf of the sector on local, state, and federal levels;
  • respond to urgent needs of the sector; 
  • conduct research providing critical data about the sector to help guide conversations for philanthropy leaders; and
  • embed equitable practices into policies that help guide both MCN and our member organizations. 

On occasion, however, foundations have expressed a desire to provide financial support for MCN’s work outside of the traditional grantmaking process. As a result, MCN created foundation membership as a way for philanthropic organizations to help strengthen and expand the impact of Minnesota’s nonprofit sector.

Grantmakers and foundations are encouraged to become members at one of the following leadership levels that best matches their resource availability and desired level of support. This critical operating support is vital to MCN’s ongoing efforts advocate, adapt, innovate, and create a thriving network for nonprofits in every corner of our state. 

Corporate Foundation/Giving Program Dues Levels

Total Annual GivingDues Level
$1 million and under$2,500
$1 million – $2 million$5,000
$2 million and above$10,000

Community and Private Foundation Dues Levels

Total AssetsDues Level
$10 million and under$2,500
$10 million – $50 million$5,000
$50 million and above$10,000

Benefits of Foundation Membership?

As a foundation member, your organization receives access to a unique suite of benefits designed to better connect you to MCN, our members, and the work you support as part of your mission, including:

  • Supporting valuable public policy and advocacy efforts, important sector research, responsive programming, and partnerships that strengthens the sector
  • Yearly presentation from MCN to your foundation board to discuss the state of the sector (upon request)
  • Special highlights “promoted notices” about special funding initiative they launch in MCN’s Grants Alerts and social media
  • Special recognition on the MCN website
  • Special recognition in the MCN annual report
  • Two free registrations to the MCN Annual Conference
  • One free use of MCN’s direct mail list (emails not included)

In addition, foundation members receive access to the same robust bundle of member benefits provided to MCN’s nonprofit members, including:

  • Free postings on the MCN Nonprofit Job Board ($179 per posting for nonmembers)
  • Discounted access to cost-savings partnerships, including Office Depot Business Solutions, Bremer Bank, Sterling Background Checks, Divvy, Bremer Insurance, CBIZ Payroll, and more
  • Discounts of 25-30 percent to 80+ MCN trainings and conferences each year
  • Vouchers for two free MCN publications, including the 2022 MN Nonprofit Salary & Benefits Survey, Minnesota Nonprofit Legal Handbook, Principles & Practices for Nonprofit Excellence, and more (value of up to $450)
  • Access to affordable, comprehensive health plans through BenefitsMN
  • Quarterly Nonprofit News print newsletter featuring the latest sector news, research, and policy updates
  • Ability to nominate foundation the Nonprofit Mission Award for Responsive Philanthropy