Nonprofit Resiliency and Recovery Fund

MCN, along with key advocacy partners, is proposing to the Legislature and the Walz/Flanagan Administration that the state invest $50M in a Nonprofit Resiliency and Recovery Fund. The goal of this fund would be to provide critical investment, through general operating grants, to nonprofit organizations delivering important services to Minnesotans across the state.

These dollars are by no means certain, and would only serve a portion of the state’s nonprofits. Still, this is an opportunity for state leaders to recognize nonprofits’ ability to effectively identify and address local needs and priorities – especially in response to the pandemic and its challenges. The $50M would come from one-time federal relief funds to the state of Minnesota.

Please support this bill by signing on to a letter to state leaders. While the original deadline has passed, we are accepting signatures on a rolling basis as we continue to use the letter.

If you have questions or comments, please connect with Marie Ellis at or 651-757-3060.