Nonprofits Urged to Contact MN Senators Regarding Health Care Funding

Minnesota’s health care provider tax was created more than 25 years ago to increase access to affordable health care. As a result of this and other measures, Minnesota has one of highest rates of insurance coverage in the nation, and more than one million Minnesotans have affordable health care coverage funded in part by the provider tax.

But without action this legislative session, this essential source of funding will expire at the end of this year. That revenue loss of about $700 million per year would put at risk the health care of thousands of Minnesotans, and put pressure on every area of the state budget.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits (MCN) has joined more than 150 Minnesota organizations in supporting the provider tax. It’s an essential funding source for nonprofits who deliver health care services in their communities. And the provider tax has a critical role to play in addressing the particular health care challenges in Greater Minnesota and tackling the state’s health disparities.

MCN urges nonprofits throughout Minnesota to contact policymakers and ask that they maintain the provider tax and keep moving forward toward becoming a state where everyone can thrive, regardless of who they are or where they live.

Please call your member of the Minnesota Senate and tell them:

  • Don’t let the sun set on Minnesota health care; protect the provider tax.
  • Tell your Senator why access to affordable health care is important to your organization, the people you serve, and your community.

You can find out who represents your area and how to contact them here: And if your organization is one that pays the 2 percent provider tax, please consider taking an additional step by signing on to a letter of Providers for the Provider Tax.