Tips for Communicating with Donors

Man at iPad

With the myriad of messages and messengers competing for attention, how does an organization reach and engage with individuals that care about what it cares about? The answer to this question is at the core of successful fundraising. Whether it’s through traditional methods such as direct mail or through a YouTube video sent to a list of potential donors via email or to Facebook friends, your message must effectively convey:

  • Why me
  • What for
  • Why now
  • Who says

In addition to an effective message that includes those four elements above, keep in mind that people give to organizations where they:

  • Believe in the mission
  • Believe that the organization is stable
  • Feel involved and valued
  • High regard for the leadership of the organization

They will not give:

  • Out of guilt and obligation
  • Simply because they’ve received promotional materials and proposals
  • For tax considerations alone