How to Recruit the Right Employee

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Recruiting and hiring the right employee is essential to nonprofit success. An appropriately hired employee should not only be a member of the nonprofit’s support system, but he or she should also have the necessary skills and qualifications to act as a positive representative on behalf of the organization.

Additionally, employers must have solid and effective policies in place that will help recruit the most appropriate candidates and hire the most qualified employees for any open job positions. The organization first needs to determine whether an additional employee is needed to fulfill certain tasks and whether it has adequate funds to pay an employee on an ongoing basis. Before recruiting applicants, the nonprofit must also layout a comprehensive and clear job description in which they will base the experience and qualifications required for hiring. This job description may include, but is not limited to:

  • an overview of the position and the responsibilities for which the position will be responsible
  • the tasks and outcomes required of the position on a daily, weekly and monthly basis
  • the experience and qualifications necessary to successfully perform the job
  • working conditions and physical requirements of the position (lifting a certain amount of weight, etc.)
  • information about which staff member the position reports to
  • information about compensation, including salary (or salary range) and benefits
  • information about hours/shifts, and location where the work will be performed
  • information about whether the position is exempt or non-exempt according to the Fair Labor Standards Act

After an employee is hired, nonprofit organization must also abide by employment requirements that comply with federal and state employment laws.

Having sound policies on employee termination will also help if letting go of a staff member becomes necessary. When termination policies are well established and followed consistently, nonprofits can be more assured that its actions are correct and that they will hold up organizationally and legally.