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As a leading provider of Nonprofit Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance, Berkley Select through Bremer Insurance offers excellent service, competitive pricing, and broad coverage designed to protect your Nonprofit organization from lawsuits and give you peace of mind.

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Berkley Select Provides:

  • Strength and Stability. As part of the W.R. Berkley Corporation, Berkley Select offers coverage through Berkley subsidiaries with A+ (superior) AM Best ratings, which provides the financial strength and stability for its policyholders.
  • Expert Claims Handling. Berkley Select has a dedicated team of professionals, including attorneys, with experience in directors’ and officers’ and employment-related litigation. Their experience can provide comfort to anxious insured’s when a claim arises.
  • Loss Prevention. Berkley Select offers Employment Practices risk management resources that include a toll free hotline and an interactive website that includes on demand archived webinars.

Berkley Select has designed a Nonprofit Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance product with the insured in mind. Their goal is to help the insured prevent claims, and when a claim does arise, to assist in resolving the claim with minimum disruption of day-to-day operations. The policy is one of the most innovative offered today, including coverage for actual or alleged:

  • breach of duty, neglect, error, misstatement, misleading statements, omission;
  • employment-related harassment due to race, sex, religion, age, or national origin;
  • employment discrimination, including all cases protected by local, state, and federal law and including employment-related defamation; and
  • wrongful employment practices relative to hiring and firing, promoting and demoting, retaliation and defamation.

Subject to its terms and conditions, the policy is designed to respond to claims naming the organization, its directors and officers, employees, and/or former employees. It also responds for awards and/or settlements related to mental anguish, emotional distress, and humiliation, resulting from an employment-related claim, and for punitive damages where allowed by law. The policy is designed to respond to damages, including defense costs, judgments, costs of appeal, pre-judgment, and/or post-judgment interest.

Members of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits are eligible for special pricing on Nonprofit Directors’ and Officers’ Liability Insurance offered by Berkley Select through Bremer Insurance. Deductibles start at $0 and premiums start as low as $400. Premiums will vary depending upon size and type of organization. To receive a free quote, or for more information, please contact Robert Worden at Bremer Insurance.

To learn more about D & O Insurance or to receive a pricing indication, kindly complete theĀ Berkley Select questionnaire.

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