MCN is proud to announce a partnership with Bill, a complete spend management platform. With Bill, companies can eliminate the need for expense reports, gain real-time visibility of their company spending, add security against fraud and wasteful spending, and so much more.

Bill is a spend and expense management software paired with a smart Visa business card that allows users and budget owners to quickly and easily manage their day-to-day and monthly expenses. The Bill platform allows you to see business spend in real-time, so you are not left wondering how much has been spent until employee reimbursements and credit card statements come in. Additionally, it provides maximum flexibility for your employees to pay for expenses and upload their receipts on the go.

MCN is a proud partner with (and user of) Bill, and in our experience Bill helps clients get better control over their business finances.

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Real-time spending visibility and control
Budgets in Bill can only be increased by you or another budget owner. Spenders can submit a request for more money in the Bill app — and you can approve or deny it on the spot. Plus, every transaction is visible in real time, so you always know where the money is.

Laptop and mobile views of Bill expense management system

Save time, money, and hassle
By automating expense reports and streamlining every part of the expense management process — from digital receipts to a seamless integration with QuickBooks Online — Bill saves time throughout your entire organization. No more paper receipts or manual data entry.

Credit cards for every spender
Sharing corporate credit cards isn’t convenient or secure. With Bill, you can issue a card to everyone who needs to spend (with set limits, if desired) — at no cost. You can also create virtual cards so you don’t have to share your primary account number. 

Flexible rewards
Every Bill customer is eligible for rewards, and you can choose from four different payoff options. The more often you make payments, the more rewards you earn.

Bill Features

Expense reports
We take care of the expense reporting automatically when you spend. That way you never have to worry.

Send & request
Get money out to your team in seconds with send and request. It’s like Venmo for your business.

Smarter budgets
Budget the way your company spends. Manage and assign budgets to groups or individuals and track spend in real-time.

Subscription manager
Use virtual cards to see and manage your subscriptions all in one place. Freeze or delete a card anytime.

Virtual cards
Generate a unique 16-digit card number anytime you need one. Use it for one-time purchases or for your subscriptions.

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