Midwestern Higher Education Compact

The Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) is an interstate organization that promotes regional collaboration and resource sharing in higher education through cost-saving programs, student access, and policy research.

In response to the increasing use of technology in higher education, MHEC established a Technologies Committee, comprised of five representatives from each Midwestern state, and the Information Technologies Taskforce. The Taskforce consists of College, system, and university chief information officers, telecommunications directors, procurement officers, and educational planners from individual campuses and systems in MHEC member states.

The taskforce:

  • develops programs to provide access to computing hardware and software technologies;
  • expands software training and information exchange opportunities;
  • promotes products and services tailored to educational needs;
  • mentors committee members; and
  • advocates for the interests of Midwestern higher education with the development of new products and services.

While MHEC’s main focus is higher education, nonprofits can tap into the contracts MHEC has negotiated with several vendors. MCN members can visit the e-commerce website to access these discounts or contact Nathan Sorensen, MHEC director of programs & contracts, at 612-677-2767 or nathans@mhec.org.