Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) provides complete third-party administrative services for nationally known products. With a mission to contribution to its customer’s financial success, TASC offers innovative services, educational opportunities, and excellent customer service.

TASC offers Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), a tax advantage program for employers and employees. Employees with a FSA from TASC are able to make pre-tax contributions for medical, dental, vision, daycare, transportation, and various insurance premium expenses. Employees receive requests for reimbursement submissions via paper, fax, or online, and 24 hour turnaround on reimbursements via direct deposits. They also have instant account status availability online or via FlexSystem’s voice response system and can enroll or re-enroll online. Employees with an FSA receive a FlexSystem claim card debit card for seamless real-time payments with toll-free customer service.

Employers using TASC pay no additional charges or hidden fees with a funding arrangement that is unique in the industry. They’ll also receive exclusive VeriFlex process to substantiate requests for reimbursement and electronic transfer of client funds to FlexSystem. There are no ties to any insurance or other employee benefit plan, and transportation benefits are available at no additional cost. Employers also receive mirror-imaging of payroll for fastest turnaround of reimbursements and an audit guarantee.

MCN members receive a 25 percent discount on one-time setup fees and annual administrative fees. To learn more about TASC, please contact:

Steve Kielman