UST Workforce Solutions

You want your funding to go to your mission, but you may be losing dollars to your operations in surprising ways. With over 40 years serving nonprofits, UST Workforce Solutions has the expertise and tools to help you uncover hidden savings and prioritize your mission.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits has partnered with UST Workforce Solutions since 1990 to connect members with essential HR, Workforce and Unemployment solutions that meet the unique needs of nonprofit employers.       

UST Workforce Solutions offers cost-saving programs designed to improve cash flow, mitigate risk, ensure HR compliance, and add operational efficiencies so you can do more to impact your local communities. 

Service highlights include:

  • Comprehensive Unemployment Claims Administration and expert advice paired with unique funding options to help mitigate unemployment costs. 
  • A cloud-based HR Platform of integrated resources and training supported by live HR experts to answer complex questions, helping nonprofits create a safe, compliant, and productive workplace.
  • Award-winning Outplacement and Career Transition services that add impact to your severance packages and build goodwill with employees.

Whether your primary focus is to protect your assets, ensure compliance, reduce unemployment costs, or to build a thriving work culture to keep your employees engaged, UST Workforce Solutions has a solution for you.

Over 2,200 nonprofit employers saved more than $56 million in unemployment claims costs with UST Workforce Solutions in just one year alone. 

To learn more, visit us online or contact a dedicated UST workforce consultant for a free Program Evaluation at 888-249-4788.

Be sure to mention your affiliation with the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits to receive your Member Benefits, including:

  • Free 60-Day Trial of UST HR Workplace
  • $240 annual member savings off the standard rate for the UST HR Workplace platform, now offered as a stand-alone product. *Note: for those interested in unemployment solutions, HR Workplace is offered as part of UST’s Trust and Secure products at no additional cost.
  • Complimentary 2-Year Unemployment Savings Projection
  • Exclusive Nonprofit Content and State-Specific News

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