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2024 Leadership Conference Program

Session Materials

Note: MCN is still waiting for some presenter materials to arrive. We will update this download center as new materials arrive. 

Round I Workshops 

  • Capturing Participant Voice in Nonprofit Decision Making  //  Presentation
  • How to Transform Your Board into the Effective, Strategic Team it Should Be 
  • No Money, No Mission: The Importance of Strong Financial Management through Leadership Transitions 
  • Pathways to Nonprofit Leadership: Navigating the Journey with Purpose 
  • Think You’re Prepared? Creating Readiness for Executive Transitions  //  Presentation 

Round II Workshops 

  • Humanizing Board Engagement: Aligning Organizational Identity with Inclusive Practice  //  Presentation
  • I Probably Shouldn’t Be Here: Working With and Through Imposter Syndrome  //  Presentation
  • Recruiting and Supporting Neurodiverse Employees  //  Presentation
  • Shared Leadership Models: Right For You?  //  Presentation
  • Translating Insights into Action (and Funding!)  //  Presentation

Round III Workshops 

  • Community-Centric Fundraising: Getting Buy-in from Your Own Organization  //  Presentation
  • The Cost of Doing Business  //  Presentation
  • Future-Proofing Your Leadership: Technology Skills for Tomorrow’s Nonprofit Leaders  //  Presentation
  • Link to Leadership: Preparing Pathways for Leaders  //  Presentation, Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3 
  • Transform Your Theory of Change into Practice of Change  //  Presentation

Round IV Workshops 

  • Leadership Changes: Managing Key Stakeholder Transitions  //  Presentation
  • Setting a Larger Table: Inviting Those Traditionally Left Out 
  • Turning One-time Volunteers Into Lifelong Organization Champions  //  Presentation
  • Understanding Reasonable Accommodations: Employees with Disabilities Flourish, Succeed!  //  Presentation 
  • Workplace Cultures of Belonging as a Key Employee Retention Strategy  //  Presentation, Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3 

Partner Sponsors:

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